The technology we need to fulfil our scientific objectives...

The Multi-purpose Active-target Particle Telescope (MAPT)

The Multi-purpose Active-target Particle Telescope (MAPT) is the flagship detector of E18 SDS. It is a 900-channel instrument with an active core made of scintillating plastic fibers and it can track particles and measure their kinetic energy at the same time.


It is the first particle detector with that kind of capabilities that fits into cube with a little more than 10 centimeters edge length. The first MAPT prototype was built for the TDP-1 AFIS-P mission.

Simulating the Space Environment

In order to test our detectors in conditions that resemble the demanding environment of outer space, we built a thermal-vacuum chamber capable of recreating the thermal conditions and the vacuum our instruments will be exposed to.


With powerful vacuum and cryogenic systems, the SpaceSim chamber allows to test small instruments and spacecraft up to 40 centimeters large in every dimension.